Q: Is a massage painful?

 A: A massage therapist adjusts to pressure to the clients pain tolerance level. A massage is not supposed to hurt. It is very important for the client to communicate how they are feeling in order for the therapist to provide the best massage possible.



Q: When my massage therapist tells me to dress down to my comfort level, does that mean bra and underwear?

 A: When your massage therapist tells you dress down to your comfort level they mean just that. If you don't feel comfortable taking off the bra and underwear that is fine. But it will make it easier and more fluid if you take your bra off.



Q: Is it ok if I fall asleep during the massage?

 A: Many people fall asleep during their treatments. When the body relaxes it is in a healing state.



Q: Tips. Should I tip and what amount is appropriate?

A: We never, ever, ever expect tips. We appreciate your tip but won't treat you any different if you don't. We have a saying "the best tip is a referral."



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